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Founded in 1978, NAREC is a professional association that provides solutions to real estate financial and tax challenges through collaborative relationships, education and knowledge sharing. The association is a membership-based organization comprised of key financial professionals from publicly and privately owned real estate companies as well as public accounting firms and select other organizations that advise the real estate industry.

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The NAREC sponsorship partnerships are a critical part of the NAREC organization. They provide unique assets, resources, and connections that cannot be found in other organizations. NAREC supports the benefits the sponsors provide for the organization and membership community.

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“I joined NAREC through a friends recommendation when I was moving jobs and needed to expand my network.   All I can say is it has exceeded my expectations in many ways.  The conferences are in fun locations and offer good CPE hours.   They help in making sure I stay current with real estate industry trends in both the financial and taxation world. In addition, I have meet many smart and fun people who are interested in bouncing ideas around.  From changes in their organizations, family office to public, fund consolidation, to tax issues, software finds, there is always fun discussion going on in the room and during outings. This organization is a great resource for anyone looking to be more connected to the current happenings in real estate and I highly recommend joining!”

Amber Hypse

“NAREC is a great organization that shares ideas, educates its members and provides support in the ever-changing commercial real estate market.  Being a member has dramatically improved my ability to stay on top of tax and accounting changes within the space and develop a network of individuals that are working through the same processes and challenges.”

Brett A. Scholz

“I’ve been a member of NAREC for a long time and it’s been one of the most beneficial affiliations I’ve had during my career.   It’s a great way to network with peers in the real estate industry and to stay abreast with current trends and technical issues.  NAREC is the perfect size – large enough to have some amazing people involved from our industry and small enough to do effective networking and establish lasting relationships.   The conferences feature high quality speakers and provide much needed CPE at a relatively low price. I can’t say enough about what an awesome organization this is.”

Michael Heiken

“Having been a NAREC member for almost 15 years, I can say it is a great organization for industry specific CPE and a great forum for meeting other members who deal with real estate specific accounting, tax, and operational matters.”

Jeff Olsen

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