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  • Profile picture of Patrick Connors Patrick Connors1p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    From our fellow member Jane Marx, a topical discussion:

    We are evaluating energy procurement for our gas and electric in Ohio and I’m looking for anyone in the group who has looked into or is currently using a provider.
    What I’m looking for is hopefully some feedback about your company’s experiences, what has worked and what hasn’t, do you negotiate your gas and electric contracts with in-house personnel (and if so, are your negotiators specialists, or just plain prop mgmt or accting staff), What risks do I need to look out for? If you engage the services of a broker, consultant or energy buyer that you would recommend who has saved your firm lots of money, knows how to handle multiple meters, some of which are rebilled to clients, etc. – in other words, knows how our business works – would you please send me their contact names and numbers? Does it take a lot of management or accounting time to supervise and “audit” the process (especially if there are “shared savings” as part of the contract? Help? Please?