NAREC Committees

NAREC’s committees provide members with information on financial issues that are important to the real estate industry through informal committee meetings, seminars, city-specific activities, annual conferences, Hot Topic Calls, and online community forums. The committees provide an informal and often invaluable network of information, advice and support from other members when dealing with matters of common concern.  All activities are arranged and guided by standing committees which include:

Financial Accounting Standards Committee
Through formal and informal communication channels, the Financial Accounting Standards Committee (FASC) focuses on accounting policy and technical support with regards to accounting principles and proposed changes to current standards or SEC reporting regulations. Through position papers, comment letters and interaction with governing accounting bodies, FASC members encourage the practice of reliable and relevant accounting and financial reporting techniques that reflect the economics of the real estate industry.

If you would like more information about the Financial Accounting Standards Committee, please contact Chairman Howard Garfield .

Financial Management Committee
The Financial Management Committee (FMC) presents and exchanges information with NAREC members in the areas of management, accounting, operations, administration, and human resources. The FMC presents topics at the Conferences such as cash flow forecasting and management, budget process streamlining, software alternatives and updates, risk management, lease transaction analysis, organizational restructuring, human capital solutions, and cost controls. In addition, the FMC fosters an open forum community-style atmosphere in order for members to seek out peer advice and networking opportunities that spans the entire membership base of the organization.

If you would like more information about the Financial Management Committee please contact Chairman Maria Smith.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee sets guidelines for the admission of new members, collaborates on ideas to attract new members and sponsors to the organization, and acts as a conduit for the membership to the Board of Directors.  This committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on all membership related issues.  The Membership Committee also assesses each local chapter’s meetings and strategies for fulfilling the needs of our members on a local level.

If you would like more information about the Membership committee, please contact Chairman Brandon Maves.

Tax Committee
The Tax Committee is committed to providing a forum for exchanging ideas and remaining current on dynamic law changes. The Tax Committee presents speakers at the Annual Conference with up-to-date knowledge of recent income tax and property tax developments, as well as tax implications from a political and cultural perspective. At the Tax Conference, the Tax Committee provides an opportunity for tax specialists and other members within the member companies to participate in smaller groups that concentrate on critical issues. Prominent real estate tax professionals present both the technical and practical aspects of these issues. If you would like more information about the Tax committee, please contact Eric Emrich or Phil Brady.